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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, I am trying to figure out how to delete the second picture of Logan and I... have no idea how I put it on, therefore, removing it is a problem. So, now my thought is to leave it in hopes of bringing you all a smile at my lack of techno abilities. Have a blessed day!


Caren Fullerton said...

Wow, Lindsay! Love the photos X2!! Can't complain here, though. It has taken me this long to learn how to leave a comment.

Miss you. John and the kids say 'hi'. Heidi is ready to ride and keeps asking for Lindsay!!

Love you

Sondra said...

Thanks for continuing to share your blog. I am loving your photos - especially those of the African animals. I am probably going to order some elephant prints for Quentin's room. Savor every minute. You are on a great adventure.
Sondra, Sam & Quentin White in Texas

Nancy said...

It was good to hear from you again. The double photo was actually neat! I hope all is going well with you and your team. I am praying for you and feel blessed that you will, at least for a while, call our house "home." The painting of your future room is going slow since I am not as talented as I'd apparently thought! Oh well, what doesn't kill us or financially ruin us can strengthen us.
We enjoyed a great time in FW at the Global convention. Many of the talks were definitely inspiring. Our one regret was that we were not able to visit with David and Livia more since we were all so busy.
Take care, Lindsay, and God bless.