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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just wanted to quickly post and ask that you keep Logan Smith in your prayers today and for the weeks ahead. He is ending his time here in Port Elizabeth and returns to the US today. His flight leaves in a matter of hours and for me, it is a hard thing to wrap my mind around. I can't believe that we are at this phase of our journey together. The cliche of time flying when you are having fun is an understatement. Logan has been a part of my entire AIM experience. By that, I mean he has been a significant part. He has been one of my closest friends throughout. I have to smile as I write this because if you know Logan, you know how quiet he is. This came out over and over this week as church members and friends from Port Elizabeth bid him farewell. They all seemed to say that while he is a young man of few words, he touched their lives. It is true, Logan Smith has touched my life. From August of 2006 until today, Logan has literally lived within a matter of steps of me. We shared a backyard fence in Lubbock, a home with our teammates on Southport Rd. and now we are about to be separated by an ocean. While this chapter in our lives is coming to a close, I pray that Logan and I will find a way to continue the friendship God began, over the next chapter in our lives. Today, I ask that you take time to honor Logan in your prayers for the sacrifice he made to spend this time away from his friends and family serving our Lord.


Michael said...

ok so you almost made me cry... it is hard. Rashawn left this past week. I know how you feel and am praying for all of you.

Barb said...

Well, you did make ME cry!

Thank you Lindsay for those sweet words. I really appreciate them, and I know he will too when he reads them.

Thank you for being such a good friend to him. I'll make sure he keeps in touch!

Love you,

David and Olivia said...

We are praying for Logan... and your whole team as you all begin this time of adjustments! We are thankful of what you all did and put into while you were/are there... thankful for all of you!