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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

True Love Waits

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank those of you who were able to make Joey and my trip to Mozambique possible back in February. If you don't know, we were able to spend two weeks in Mozambique, a bordering country to South Africa working with two missionary families where they shared the True Love Waits study/ program with us. This study promotes and teaches sexual abstinence using biblical principles. Something that I love about this study is that it teaches people that they can truly relate to the Bible because each example or story told is from Scripture. It is cross cultural and reminds listeners that God has a plan for their sexual life. Joey and I are about to leave within the hour to return to Archadia Primary where we will be making our second appearance teaching the True Love Waits study. We invite you to join us in prayer as we try to educate the youth of South Africa. We have been able to speak with over a hundred children at Archadia alone. I have taught the study a few times without Joey to girls around Port Elizabeth and am excited about the upcoming opportunities. God is opening doors all over Port Elizabeth through the schools. Our only set back is time. I leave for Cape Town on Friday for two weeks where I will be able to teach in several schools there as well. Joey, unfortunately will not be able to join. Please pray for hearts to be open to God's message for the youth we meet and that we will be able to relate to and influence some. Our vision is for leaders to emerge from the larger groups we meet with and that we might then mentor them on a more personal level, with the hopes that they will then influence their peers. Thank you for being apart of our lives and the confidence we have that we can come to you and count on your for your participation through prayer.

In Christ,


Mike and Lucy said...

That is awesome how you are able to talk to so many kids in so many schools. I am glad God has opened those doors for you and that you are courageous enough to find them and open them! From what I've heard about Africa, these kids need to hear about God many times, from many people, especially in the area of purity! God bless you as you continue in your work there. We love you very much!!

J'Lae said...

Cool, I would love to hear more details on this study. I hope you have a safe trip to Capetown. I love you soo much and miss you. It was really good to talk to you the other day! hey you should check out my blog. J'Lae Praying for you!