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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luke 10:2 and Sarah Jane

As an AIM class, we were able to spend a week or so in Mexico City, learning the ropes from seasoned pros. Our team was blessed to spend the majority of our time being led by James and Erin Henderson. They were both a huge encouragement to me and I was able to pick up a few things that I have tried to implement here in South Africa. We spent one afternoon on the university campus in Mexico City. Our aim was to spend the afternoon praying over the campus and it's students, etc. Before we split up to pray, James shared with us something he and his teammates were doing as well as the AIMers he was working with. James encouraged us to daily pray to the Lord of the harvest ( Luke 10:2 ) to raise up workers for His fields in that specific place, then Mexico City, now Port Elizabeth. I have not forgotten this advice and have tried to be faithful in praying that prayer here. Despite my short comings in prayer, God is raising up workers in South Africa and Port Elizabeth specifically!
I have spoken of my good friend Sarah-Jane before, but I want to take a minute and share a little bit of how God is working through her today. Sarah Jane is my closest friend in Port Elizabeth. We met through a mutual friend and haven't looked back. She is also Jess' best friend from school and still is today. Sarah Jane is a brand new Christian, not even a year old yet. She was most influenced spritually through her friendship with Jess. Now, when Jess left for school, it really challenged Sarah Jane to take her spiritual life in a new direction. God is doing amazing things! What I want to brag on now is somthing that I think is just so cool. Two weeks ago while I was in Cape Town, Sarah Jane initiated and led her first small group and taught her first lesson! I can not tell you how proud and excited I am for her. She has begun a girl's small group with the university students of the Port Elizabeth Chruch of Christ. Her vision is to create an environment that they will share with one another in community and grow in their love and knowldge of Christ. I am absolutely gutted that I wasn't here for it, but I have a feeling, God used that time for her to be brave and give this teaching thing a shot! When I spoke to her afterward, she told me that she felt so special, so honoured to be doing what she was. Although she was incredibly excited, I believe humbled is the best way to describe her. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for Sarah Jane's life and the lives she will touch along the way. Please pray for her continued growth and zeal for the lost. She is being transformed right before our eyes and it is such a priviledge to witness. God IS raising up workers for His harvest.


Guy & Nan said...

Hey Linds! That is great about Sarah Jane. It is so awesome when God does raise up leaders because we realize that everything is not up to us but that he is in control. You will one day be able to leave knowing that those you taught are continuing to teach others! Hope u are good Pal! I miss ya eating buddy!!!! Craving some Abuelos right now actually!! Nan

David and Olivia said...

Hey this is David, did you cut your hair? Or am I just not observant?

Mike and Lucy said...

Sorry it took me soooo long to read this post! But, that is awesome! What a neat thing.
By the way, it's not very sweet of Nan to make comments about craving Mexican food.... My mouth is watering now! :) Hope life is going well. Love ya.

StubbsFamily said...

Hi, remember me? Amanda Bagley. I found you through Lacy's blog. I just have to tell you how amazing you are and what wonderful things you are doing. I can't believe everything that you have done.

Cecilia said...

Lindsay, I have enjoyed catching up on your happenings. When we were there in July, you had told us about your invitation to speak at Jess's 21st celebration.
We're glad that we could sit in on the abstinence classes that you & Joey taught.
We have just made a deposit for a 10-day house rental while we are in Cape Town 22 Dec. - 01 Jan. We'll miss seeing you in P. E. Our extra visit this time will be at Southern Africa Bible College, Benoni. Our daughters attended there before they came to LCU. It's certainly worth a visit if you haven't been there.
God's blessings on you as you continue in His kingdom,
Cecilia (& Stuart)