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Monday, October 22, 2007

Proud to be South African

As some of you may know, South Africa played the English for the Rugby World Cup Title Saturday night and WON!!! South Africa 15 England 6. There was no doubt about it, we were South African through and through that night! We as an AIM family had invited anyone and everyone from Gelvan Park to watch the game at our house. About 20 ended up coming. There is nothing like sports to bring a family together. We had food galore and an amazing time together. The four of us girls had painted our entire face as the South African flag and were very ready to cheer our team to victory. As people arrived we had the opportunity to continue the face painting on nearly every woman and child; the men were not quite as eager to have their faces coloured. Must be something about wearing makeup everyday that inspires the ladies! Shockingly, we did have a few outsiders who were routing for England. Thankfully, God spared their lives as we watched the game together. :) As always, there are a few ladies who are avid sports fans and Saturday night was no exception. Auntie Ann, Auntie Bridget, and Anthea, who says she is way too young to be called "Auntie," were our most entertaining Springbok fans. I don't think they sat down for the entire game and were hooping and hollering through it all. If you get a chance to look at the pictures I've posted, you will know exactly who they are! What a blessing it was to see family together enjoying one another's company. The world cup for me emphasized how much I love this country and it's people. As the title reads I am proud to be a resident of South Africa and will always see this nation as a place I call home. Thank you for all of your prayers for myself, my team and this nation. I love you all. GO SPRINGBOKS!!!


Michael said...

Yeah ya'll won! We were rooting for you big time here since those dirty English beat us we were all for you! I really enjoyed your whole blog! It was very nice to catch up. Don't give up sister, keep going. Your in my prayers. Miss ya'll tons. -Michael

Katie said...

I've been meaning to tell you for a while that you came up in a conversation we were having with one of our friends here in Ukraine. He asked us if we knew any cowboys in Texas and we told him about you, because you're the closest that I can get to knowing a cowboy. :o)

Your blog is always fun to read, thanks for sharing your stories!

Lucy McDougle said...

What a victory!

Guy & Nan said...

I love the brings out your eyes - nan

Tammy said...

Hi girl! You sure picked a spot a ways off. :) Glad to see and hear that you're doing great.

Lil Tayla is now a sophomore and loves to ride. She has a new horse named Magic. Yes, black and fast at barrels.

J.W. is a senior and sits at the top of his class. He loves tennis & hunting and will be going to College Station Aggie land next fall.

Kalli is a senior at A&M and will be studying abroad in Spain next semester.

Boy how time flies! Enjoyed reading your blogs. Take care,
Tammy & Jay Wesson from Snyder