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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Off and Running

Hello Everyone!
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write. Life in South Africa is off and running. We are finally settled and doing great. This past month has flown by. We are each beginning to find our own niches in the community. I have come up with several things to fill my week up. We are all busy working on producing and packaging the curriculum which we will be distributing to the primary schools all over the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The photo outside of the parliment building was taken when we met with the "MEC" of education. Basically, he is the head honcho over the education department for the Eastern Cape and works under who we would call the governor. He is making it possible on the government side for us to present Biblically based curriculum to the school systems. What an experience to meet such a man of position. Our participation with the schools has been on hold as the civil workers have been on strike since we arrived. They are demanding a pay increase. The strike includes teachers, medical workers, and now a possibility of employees from the electric company. Please keep this nation and it's people in your prayers. So far, there has been no reported violence due to the strike, and we pray it stays that way. As for me, I have been blessed to have met several people who are putting me to work! I am going to be working with an American woman who is here with her husband and children as he works for General Motors. Lisa has a clothing ministry which she provides out of her home. She takes in donated clothing, washes, mends and then distributes it to those in need. She also takes request for clothing all the way down to color. She is wanting to give people something they may have never had, a choice in what they get to wear. She asks them for their favorite colors so that she can hopefully provide not only what they need, but also something they will enjoy. She also asks for prayer request and devotes a day to those prayers. I will be helping her with this, possibly a couple of days a week depending on what's needed. Some other women from the congregation she attends are helping as well. This gives an avenue of fellowship between congregations which is scarce here in Port Elizabeth. I have also made arrangements to work in a senor citizen's building where elderly people come to do occupational therapy as well as play games, sing and do crafts which they then sell for the maintaing of their building. One morning a week I will be helping at a pre-school reading to the children who are learning in all Africaans. This will help their English and we have permission to read Bible stories. I have been asked to help with a modesty lesson /slumber party for the teen girls by Lisa, as well as teaching the 8-10yr. olds on Sunday mornings where we are attending worship. As a team, we are going to be helping with two upcoming VBS' which are going to be held on the same day. We will work at one and then go to the next one! We are also helping regularly with a soup kitchen on Wednesday mornings as well as attending local small groups on Tuesday nights.
Things are busy here, and the work is abundant. We have been able to spend some really good time with the university students from church as they are approaching their winter holiday. The new pictures are of today, which we spent hiking with them along the beach about 15-20 minutes from home. We have spent 2 days this week with them. They love to sing and fellowship and have really encouraged us. Today, Reidwan, presented the devotional thought for us. He was very encouraging in reminding us what an amazing God we serve and to stand strong in Him when the world around us encourages everything but that. I am really excited about what God is doing and will do through this group of young adults in Port Elizabeth. I need to go now, I am taking a break from my lesson preparing for tomorrow morning. I love you all and thank you so much for helping make it possible for me to be here!!
In Him,

PS- I have added a link to Logan's blog, he has been named the "team photographer" and has posted hundreds of pictures from our time here. I would encourage you to read his thoughts and take advantage of his wonderful ability to capture moments through a camera.


na.white said...

Hi child of mine,
Glad to see all the pictures and I also went to Logan's blog and saw most of his pics. He does have some really fantastic pics. Sounds like you are keeping really busy. Keep up your wonderful work with all the people of SA.

wildcatmom said...

Hi Lindsey,
We are so glad to see that you have gotten settled in and found so many opportunities to serve.
We love and miss you,
Margaret, Robby, & Shannnon Shipley